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SYNOPSIS of WORKS 1962 - 2000

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 » Love Lurkers (CDR Album).

Series of abstracts on Using Internet in Education (with Frank Grellert).

Begin of PC based music production with Vaio RX series (1GB RAM, 2x120GB hard disk) using Cubase VST and MixManStudioPro.


ISA HENSELMANN Fashion Show (documentary).

Die AMIS heiraten (documentary).

 » TRABBI Goes Space Race (documentary, 05:21).

JOHN KENNEDY Farewell Concert (infrared live stage clip).

Streets Of London Revisited (travel).

Managing International Virtual Classroom Project (school webproject, Runner up award).

Starting digital video work and PC based video editing.

Work on "Wüste" continued.


[Soundcollage for a Dance Performance by Shimizu Maya].

 » KREUZUNGEN - Riemer and Shimizu at Institut für Hygiene der Chariteé, Dorotheenstraße (Video8 film, documentary).

Webproject "Auschwitz".

Managing International Virtual Classroom Project (school webproject, 2nd price).

Design of Angelik Riemer's  » CRISS CROSS Webpage .


 » Small Island News (CDR Album).


Starting digital music production (Roland Virtual Studio VS88, 8 x 8 tracks, 16MB RAM).


Hotel Inglaterra and Dream For Two (CC, CDR single).

With U At HOTEL INGLATERRA (Video8 film, travel).

Starting to use a digital camera (Casio QV100)

Trans-Atlantisches Geschichtsprojekt (school webproject).

Abstract on Noise and Health as a subject in teaching Geography for BzGA (German Health Information Board).


Moonflowers [Of Shuhocho] (CDR single).

 » TAI-WA - Riemer and Tawada at Akademie der Künste Pariser Platz (Video8 film, documentary).

Ken Bos:
 » Räubertext (short story).

Visiting Angelik in Tokyo, living and working in Cultural Exchange House in Shuhocho/Yamaguchi-ken for one month, traveling Kyushu.

16 Bit Digital Sampling with ROLAND S760.


 » I Feel Happiness (CDR Album).


Single Collection 1993:
Blew It All, Twilight Of The Breaking Up (a.k.a. "Der Spanier"), Wer Bricht Mein Herz, Wind, Herz, Grenston.


(Soundtracks for video films by Angelik Riemer).

ERNA 80 (Video8 film, documentary).

Sabbatical JAPAN (Video8 film, travel).


 » PRAG- kalte Winterreise (Video8 film, travel).

Work on "Wüste" continued.

One month travelling Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nikko, Koriyama, Matsushima, Nagano, Kyoto, Beppu, Kobe).


 »Alone And Losing (CDR EP).


1-Bild-Tokyo - RIEMER at NIHONBASHI.





Starting work on "Wüste".

Pausing from teaching for one year after acute hearing loss in early 1992.

First visit to Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Himeji).


V für Victoria, Himmel & Erde
(cassette single).

First visit to NEW YORK.


 »Yamaha G-10 (guitar shaped MIDI controller).


Opening of the BERLIN WALL.


Music production with Geerdes Midi Sequenzer on Atari ST (1 MB RAM, 2 internal SD/HD floppy disk, ext. 10" green monitor).


Ken Bos:
 » Steif (short story).

Progamming Toshiba T-3100 PC laptop computer running under MS-DOS/Windows 1.0 (640KB RAM, 10MB Hard Disk, 10" red plasma screen, 512KB Floppy Disk); first serial MIDI interface, text based sequencer programme.
First serial telecommunication net connection via acoustic coupling (BTX services).


 »Born in 1986 (cassette single.- dedicated to Paul Pätzold: Born in 1986 / Water).

Working with Yamaha MSX Composing module.


Erna 75 (miniVHS video film, documentary, family).

Programming Philips MSX II Computer (128KB RAM, ext. color television monitor screen, data saved to 3,5" disk)


 » Fades And Shades
(cassette EP).

Reinhard Bock:

Programming Yamaha MSX Computer (64KB RAM, ext. color television monitor screen, data saved to compact cassette)



Angelik Riemer im Atelier Ansbacher Straße (miniVHS video, documentary).

ERNA 70 (miniVHS video film, documentary).

Reinhard Bock:
WELLEN (poems).


Starting computer based text work on AES Lanier (64 KB RAM, 64KB floppy disk, int. 10" green monitor, daisy wheel printer)


 » How Can I Describe A White Wall (casette-LP).

No Hero - dedicated to Tim Schulze), Tropopause

 » Handspiel (Super8 film with Ulrich Gressieker).

Rastermatte (Super8 film, role study with Ulrich Gressieker).

Welsh Walk with Christine (travel, people).

Angelik Riemer im Atelier Ansbacher Straße - Arbeit an  » Drei Große (documentary).


Single Collection: Fat Lady, Sand And Water [retake] (singles).

 » Steinkreis mit Kuh und Esel .

Angelik Riemer im Atelier Ansbacher Straße.

P&K - Freundschaft, s/w.



New tracks: Boogie For A Houseman, Sand And Water, [Forget the] Monday Morning, From Green To Yellow, Is That Reality (cassette singles).



New track: Soul Swing (single).

Skoda/Blumenschein Fashion Show "Big Birds"
Super8 film, documentary of the annual fashion show at BERLINER KONGRESSHALLE (today HKW), cages designed and built by Jürgen Skoda.

Super8 film, travel.

Katharina Meldner malt ein Wandbild. Super8 film, documentary.



New York s / w / g - Soundtrack for the Single8 film "NEW YORK" by Angelik Riemer
(created live during screening in studio Ansbach using Fender Telecaster and a bucket chain delay).

P&K - Auf der Treppe
Single8 film, fun Katharina Meldner and PB.

Skoda - Private Fashion Show "Wild Thing"
Super8 film, documentary of the annual fashion show at fabrikneu (again on the photo catwalk by Kippenberger).

Super8 film, travel.

Singel8 film, travel.

Single8 film, fun with painter Katharina Meldner and PB.

P&K - Auf dem Sofa
Single8 film, fun with Katharina Meldner and PB.

Revival of THE TORIES

Feel free to visit the Tories' page


Skoda/Blumenschein/Utesch Fashion Show
 » Pablo Picasso
(Super8 film, documentary of the annual fashion show at fabrikneu on the all new catwalk, designed by Martin Kippenberger
- including Kippi (Martin Kippenberger) interviewing Claudia and opening by live take of THE VIBRATORS).

In der Luft
(Super8 film, travel).

Christian und Erna
(Super8 film, family).

 »Riemer zeichnet Kippenberger (Super8 film, documentary).

Managing and editing work  for film project to the 75th anniversary of Menzel-Oberschule.

A beautiful shot of 2-years-old Christian and the UHER 210 4-track cassette recorder.  » HERE


Die Die Lateinstunde
(Super8 film, fiction).

Die Sportstunde
(Super8 film, fun documentary).

Lulu auf dem Land
(Super8 film, travel, people).

 »Skoda - Fashion Show "Shake Your Hips"
(Super8 film, documentary of the annual fashion show at fabrikneu with Claudia Skoda, Jenny Capitain, Nana Breiting and many more).

Klaus Schuhmann - Modenschau
(Super8 film, documentary).

Angelik Riemer im Atelier Ansbacher Straße
(Super8 film, documentary).

Totally absorbed by work in and heavy homework after school.


Hotel Holland
(Super8 film, fiction, travel).

Hand und Fuß
(Super8 film, fiction with "China Peter" and friend).

 » Angelik Riemer im Atelier in fabrikneu
(Super8 film, documentary).

(Super8 film, travel).

Riemer Vernissage Galerie Rutzmoser, München
(Super8 film, documentary).

Begin of full time teaching at Menzel Grammar School.

Second State Exam.

Birth of our son Christian Bock.

Coop Life in fabrikneu ends in late summer.
Moving in a new home/studio together with Angelik.


Der Fotograf
(Super8 film, fiction with Micha Bergese und Cathy Lewis).

(Super8 film, art fairy tale with Claudia Skoda and Nana Breiting playing with Angelik Riemer's paintings).

Hildegard und Elfriede schminken sich
(Super8 film, fun fiction with Claudia Skoda and Jenny Capitain).

Clown Weinenicht
(Super8 film, fiction with Rossi).

 » Klosterkreuz
(Super8 film, fiction with Angelik Riemer).

Am Wasser
(Super8 film, travel with Angelik Riemer).

(Super8 film, fiction with Angelik Riemer)..

Das Ohr (Super8 film, documentary on the work of Jürgen Skoda).

London im April (Super8 film, travel).

 »Thunderthighs in Wales (Super8 film, documentary in the British vocalist trio THUNDERTHIGHS).

A&R Hochzeit
(Super8 film, documentary of the wedding of Reinhard Bock and Angelik Riemer).

(Super8 film, fun travel with Klaus Singhoff und Peter Kulka).

Genua und Siena
(Super8 film, travel).

Gudrun-Fedor-Stefan (1974/1975)
(Super8 film, documentary on fashion designer Gudrun Reichardt, Stefan Drechsler and their son Fedor).

(Super8 film, documentary on the re-opening party).

(Super8 film, documentary on the work of a Belgish artist trying to do a painting on the Berlin Wall).

Johns Haus (part 3)
(Super8 film, documentary).

 » Fabrikneu Goes Bazille
(Super8 film, documentary with Angelik Riemer, Claudia Skoda, Jenny Capitain, Klaus Krüger, Martin Kippenberger, "Flipper Monika" und Peter Gohlke, Jackie Spelter and more).

 »Skoda - Mode im Hof
(Super8 film, documentary with Angelik Riemer, Claudia Skoda, Jenny Capitain, Klaus Krüger, Gabi Larifari, Thomas and more).

Coop Live in fabrikneu.

Trainee teacher at Menzel Highschool.

Enormous amount of work to do for school made this decision unevitably: I had to stop working in the archives for my dissertation (no completion).

Marriage to  » Angelik Riemer .

Starting intense photographic work with beloved Polaroid SX70 camera.


Intermediale Arbeitsgruppe fabrikneu.
(Super8 film, documentary).

(Super8 film, fiction).

 »Kreuzberg Fashion
(Super8 film, documentary. A fashion show with Angelik Riemer, Claudia Skoda and Jenny Capitain in the rotten post war streets of Berlin-Kreuzberg).

(Super8 gangster mockup film with Reinhard Bock as runaway and all of fabrikneu and many friends as gangsters).

Die Party.
(Super8 film, fiction).

Johns Haus (part 2).
(Super8 film, documentary).

Besuch in der Nacht.
(Super8 film, erotic fiction with Inga Riemer and Udo Rothe).

Kein Tag ist wie heute (The Last Day).
(Super8 film, crime fiction with Richard Synge e.a.).

 » Der Schwimmlehrer .
(Super8 film, fiction with Mike Scallon).

Mittags am Halensee.
(Super8 film, fun, social, environmetal).

Soirée im Pimm's Club.
(Super8 film, documentary).

Frank Brueckner fotografiert Riemer.
(Super8 film, documentary).

Skoda - Mode im Tiergarten (lost).
(Super8 film, documentary).

 »Skoda - Mode im Atrium.
(Super8 film, fiction like documentary: A fashion show in a billiard saloon with Claudia Skoda, Jenny Capitain, Monika Gohlke, Jürgen Skoda, Klaus Krüger, Reinhard Bock e.a.).

Continuing to work on dissertation.

Coop Live in fabrikneu.

Photography and editing for *KÖNIG* (Super8 short film by Micha Bergese).

Co-Starring with Y Sa Lo in
At the set: Wolf Gremm, Reinhard Bock, Y Sa Lo and Vera Müller


London Street Life (uncut)
(Super8 film, travel).

Robis Geburtstag
(Super8 film, family).

Uta am See
(Super8 film, erotic portray of a beautiful woman).

Bei Erna im Garten
(Super8 film, family).

Johns Haus (part 1)
(Super8 film, documentary, family).

Angelik Riemer at Slade School London
(Super8 film, documentary).

(Super8 film portray of Peter and Christian Burkhard).

Continuing to work on dissertation.

Coop Life in fabrikneu started. Art, fashion, film, music and fun sessions with Angelik Riemer (painter), Claudia Skoda (fashion designer), Jürgen Skoda (sculptur), Claudia "Jenny" Capitain (model and directrice), Klaus Krüger (drummer) and many many friends and guests.


Wumm oder PnAdH
(Super8 film, fiction).

Morgens in der Müllerstraße
(Super8 film, family).

Riemer Vernissage Clytie Jessop's Gallery
(Super8 film, documentary art report).

Eine Hochzeit
(First Super8 film, using a Bauer camera, documentary, people).

Work on dissertation started.

Completion of studies (1st German state exam).


Thesis for state exam.

Starting a research project on church history (in behalf of data collection for my state exam thesis). Collected data is evaluated through FORTRAN programming using Hollerith programming cards at computer center of Freie Universität Berlin.

Series of etchings (signed as φιλε, 'phile' in Greek letters).


Series of depth psychology related sketches (not signed).


Archeological excavation work in Slovakia (Mikulcice) - abruptly ended when Warsaw Pact troops terminated *Prague Spring* by invasion on August 21st.


Basic designs for comic strip character "Stubsi" (signed (signed as φιλε, 'phile' in Greek letters).
First *mini comic*, titled "Stupsi im Zirkus", single edition for Gabriele Schröder, signed Reinhard Bock.


Release of Barbara Ann / Oho (Decca-Single) from Die Tories

The Tories perform as the supporting act with SPENCER DAVIES GROUP at Berlin-Neukölln NEUE WELT.

Recording session in Hamburg DECCA Studios with THE TORIES.


Working on demo stuff for test recording:  »sample.

Demo recording session in Berlin-Lichterfelde TELDEC studios with THE TORIES.

The Tories are performing semi professionally 4 times a week in youth clubs and bars on wednesdays and fridays to sundays.
If there is no gig on wednesday they meet for long rehearsal sessions in Berlin-Haselhorst to round up their  »playlist.


Dieter Dau replaced Michael in early summer.

The Tories began to play regularily in pubs and clubs every weekend  »all over Berlin.

Beginning of academic studies at Freie Universität Berlin (classical philology, history, politics, geography).

Beat Band  »THE TORIES formed: Michael Zeitner (solo g), Hagen D. Dürre (b), Reinhard Winter (dr) and me (voc, rhythm g).
First gig in Berlin-Spandau in March.

Finishing highschool with final exam *ABITUR*.

Playing skiffle and blues.

Working with Michael Zeitner on Gatow straberry fields during summer holliday to get money for a 500 mark Japanese transistor amplifier.
Alas, it was blown off in a second when we attaches the guitar pickup cable.

Experimental photography with Kodak Retinette 1A (24x36mm).

Playing FRAMUS acoustic guitar with school friends in SKIFFLE style.

Participation in school's photo competition, 2nd price.

Crossing the channel to England for the first time, staying in Ramsgate for English classes.

Skiffle Band SIR ALEXANDER'S SINGERS formed.

Photography in black and white (6x9cm roll film with Agfa Clack), film developing and printing in school's dark room.


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