The Tories

Setup 1: 1963/64

The Tories with FRAMUS setup, 1964

The Tories with FRAMUS setup im Heideschlößchen 1964 - Foto: NN 

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The combo amplifiers bought through Hagen "Hucky" Dürre in 1963 (2 x Strato 345, 1 x Strato 335) and two new string instruments, antique-white solid bodies, were all made by Framus, only Micky Zeitner used a black solid body guitar, that he bought on his own. The make of that guitar is no longer known.
Reinhard B. played an interesting 9-string model with two single-coils, a Strato Melody. The twin discant strings had to be tuned from the lower side of the guitar headstock. Micro-detuning made the sound fuller and chorus-like, but the guitar was hard to play: depending on how the neck was rectified the strings were to high and could hardly been pressed down to the fretboard or the adjustement were to low resulting in clinking string noises.
After joining the band, Dieter Dau played a Strato de Luxe with three single-coil pickups - mother-of-pearl-white in color, of course.

Hagen's first bass, a Star Bass, was, had a relatively small corpus, light in weight and quite easy to play, but got out of tune as easily as the other Framus instruments. So, the band had to re-tune quite often, a situation that the fans did not resent to much as almost all amateur bands did use to do so.

Reinhard Winter bashed a mother-of-pearl-white Sonor drumset consisting of snare, hanging and standing tom, hihat plus a big ride Zidljian cymbal and a very nasty sounding small crash cymbal.

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