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The Tories and friends at Schützenhof

The Tories and friends at Schützenhof - Photo: NN 

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Bock, Reinhard - Lead singer, rythm guitar, blues harp, macaras, tambourine. From Haselhorst, Freiherr-vom-Stein grammar school, final exams ("Abitur") in February 1964, studied classical philology and history at Freie Universität Berlin.

Bokens a.k.a. Body - nicknames of Reinhard Bock. "Bokens" is a malapropism of "Bock", Body reflects the thin silhouette of Reinhard. Bo Kens, Ken Bos, Ben Kos and boKens later were used as aliases by Reinhard B. in his artistic solo career as musician and writer (

Dau, Dieter - Guitarist (Solo) from summer 1964 on. From Spandau. He worked as orthopedic mechanist and assistent ("Bandagist") in a workshop in Spandau's Klosterstraße.

Dürre, Hagen-Detlef - Bassist, lead singer in "My Generation" (The Who) and "Wulle Bulle" (Sam The Sham And The Pharaos). From Kladow and former Stein student. Manager and promoter of the band.

Ede a.k.a. "Scotsman" oder "Mac" - nicknames of Reinhard Winter. Reinhard had the same surname as a well know Volkswagen dealer WINTER in Berlin those days, who's forename "EDUARD" was often shortened to "EDE" in the Berlin idiom (Thanks to Bernd H. for the hint). The other nicknames refer to his distinct frugality.

Gaby G. - Girl friend of Reinhard Bock (1966)

Hucky - Nickname of Hagen-Detlef Dürre. "Hucky, der Specht" was the German version of "Woody Woodpecker", a very popular Comic series on TV at those days. Maybe it derived from an alliteration of Hagen.

Kralle a.k.a. Froggy - Nicknames of Dieter Dau. Dieter's fast soli when the bended fingers rushed over the fretboard of his guitar led to this nick "Kralle", "Froggy" refered to his slightly protruding eyes.

Lizzy a.k.a. Volle Unke - Nicknames used for the Volkswagen Samba mini bus (plate number B-VU 510), which Hucky bought for transporting both the instruments and tech stuff and all the band members until being replaced by a Ford station wagon in autumn 1965. Reinhard then had his own Citroen 2CV, Dieter his Skoda.

Margit - Girl friend of Reinhard Bock (1964). Office worker in a service company.

Micky - Nickname of Michael Zeitner.

Monika a.k.a. Moni a.k.a. Nika - Girlfriend of Reinhard Bock (1965). Student. Sister of PMB, a wonderful Haselhorst guitarist.

Mulle - Nickname of a Fan, who borrowed the Tories a lot of the newest vinyls to listen up the song lyrics. His real name and origing of this nickname is not known.

Renate a.k.a. Schneckchen 1 - Girlfriend, then first wife of Hagen Dürre. Office worker in a Spandau plant.

Renate a.k.a. Schneckchen 2 - Girlfriend of Dieter Dau. She worked as a woman hairdresser in Spandau.

Sabine - Girlfriend of Dieter Dau. Worked as saleswoman in Spandau.

Sylvia - Girlfriend, then firstwife of Ede Winter. Lived in a flat right across the street of "Westside Club" in Kreuzberg.

Winter, Reinhard - Drummer and sound engineer of the Tories. Lived in Spandauer and went to school at Stein school, finishing with "Abitur" in 1965 and worked as tax adviser afterwards.

Zeitner, Michael - Guitarist (Solo) with the Tories (1963/1964). Lived in Spandau. Had his final exams at Freiher-vom-Stein school in February 1964 and studied medical sciences at Freie Universität Berlin Medizin. Later he worked as neurosurgeon in a South-German hispital.

How things developed after breakup:

Reinhard Bock became school teacher after finishing his university studies. He ran his private home studio. Under his artist name boKens he wrote and produced more than 200 song titles. Many of them were produced in cooperation with PMB (Peter Michael Burkhard).
Since the 1990s Reinhard B. re-activated his photo- and videographic affection. Since 2007 he worked professionally as new media artist (see boKens-Website for more info).

Dieter Dau continued to work in his orthopedic workshop until he died too early after a surgical operation in a hospital in the mid 90s.

Hagen Detlef Dürre worked as hairdresser, but then opened his own cleaning shop. Before he retired as invalidity pensioneer to live with his his second wife in Mallorca he managed a bowling arena in Charlottenburg. No traces have be found so far.

Reinhard Winter inherited his father's tax advisor practice in Spandau. He continued to run his own private sound studio. Since 2017 he is drummer with the band "MATCHBOX MUSIC".

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