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The Tories at Grunewaldturm

At Grunewaldturm, Photos: Bock/Dürre/Winter

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After some performances in spring 1964 friction arose between Micky Zeitner and Hucky Dürre, caused by Hucky's management style as well as Michael's schedule problems due to the fact that he had started to study medical science. The hassle ended with a replacement of the solo guitarist: Micky abandoned the band and Dieter "Kralle" Dau opted in.

Dieter worked at a healthcare supplier's in Reinhard Winter's appartement house, situated in Spandau Klosterstraße. Dieter knew Hucky Dürre from the cleaning shop some buildings away. Dieter as so many young lads alike, dreamed of a guitarist's career and had practised all recent guitar solo's he could listen to of the "Who", "Kinks" and "Rolling Stones" and all solo's, that Danny, the guitarist of the Berlin half-professional band "The Hound Dogs" played in local music cafés. In other words, Dieter knew the repertoire of THE TORIES quite well and the change of the lead guitarist passed by smoothly.

During the week Reinhard B. studied history at the Freie Universität Berlin and Reinhard W. continued to go to school for his final exams, however but their thoughts often circled more around music instead. This applied to Hagen doing the steam-ironing or Dieter the leather applications, rarily did they give 100% concentration. Music and its thrills were the most important things in our life, down to the last details, like the all-in-black band design composed of black turtlenecks or cord velvet shirts with stand-up collar, black trousers and black half boots ("Beatle Boots").

The hair started to grow longer, even Hucky switched to some kind of "Beatles hairstyle" - only Dieter prefered his curly hair to be in "VOKUHILA" style ("VOrn KUrz HInten LAng = Short in front, long in the back).

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