The Tories

Year 1965

The Tories at Buschkrug-Casino

The Tories at the Britz Buschkrug-Casino - Foto: NN 

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During 1965, The Tories played Friday through Sunday: Locations like "Zillertal" in Wedding Müllerstraße, "Casaleon" in Spandau and in Neukölln, and that famous Rudow "Top Ten Club" attracted enough teens and twens over the weekend to pay for the bands. The youngsters usually had to pay 2 marks entry fee and additionally to that they were urged to consum one drink at least. t

The steady flow of money income encouraged the band to invest in a complete new Vox equipment - the sound of which essentially increased the prestige of The Tories, alas, debt too. Each of them paid 50 to 100 marks a week, consequently all of them wanted to gig as often as possible.

On Wednesday evenings, if there was no booking on that specific day, the band met for rehearsals at a Haselhorst youth club. New pieces like "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones or "No No No No" by The Sorrows had to be arranged und practised. To scan the lyrics of new songs snapped up through airplay by allied radio stations like BFBS or AFN (or from LPs, that Mulle brought along) was quite a drag. Ede Winter was the only one to possess a tape recorder, that he brought with him to the Haselhorst youth club, if Hucky picked him up by trusted old Lizzy, the VW van. Every new hit song from England was rehearsed and played to the fans as soon as possible, mainly the subsequent weekend.

The fans honored that with fidelity: The Tories had an entourage of 40 to 50 fans, where during competitions the female core of that rooted for The Tories by screaming as loud as possible as soon as The Tories hit the stage.

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