Reinhard Bock
1080p, 720p M4V

Video film portray of
a Cologne based painter
who since six decades
simply loves to paint
never caring about
the dos and don'ts of the art market
never proposing to do any gallery exhibition.

When his friend Angelik Riemer
came to see his actual work of 2013
I got the chance to do some filming in his studio
and, later in his apartment, too.
I even pressed him to answer some questions
about his life and work in Cologne
which to answer he wasn't too much pleased.

(This video film has not been published yet)

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshots of my super8 film of 1976: KS working in his Bielefeld studio

KS in his studio in 2013. Photo by Angelik Riemer
KS in his Cologne studio photo: Angelik Riemer, 2013)


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