Reinhard Bock
A DVD-R package
wrapped in a paper sleeve
using an ANGELIK RIEMER gouache
(egg tempera on watercolour cardboard,
18 x 44cm)

DVD package including ANGELIK RIEMER's gouache
DVD package from above DVD package close-up
(special numbered and signed
premiere edition of 20, still a few available)

This DVD holds two videofilms:

Part 1


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This short was videographed in Yokohama, Japan, in November 2010.

Compact synopsis:

This 17 minutes documentary short shows the production of a hieroglyphic drawing by Japanese artist KOSHU a.k.a. BISEI FUKUSHIMA.

We see KOSHU driving from his home in Tsunashima near Yokohama to Yoga where his tennis club is situated and he tells us a bit about the Tokyo region he lives in and explains in which tradition he has chosen his GAGOU (artist name).
Those explanations end with some short cut-ins of tennis strokes linking his favorite sports to his favorite way of producing a very expressive sort of calligraphy or hieroglyphic drawing.
Doing a series of hieroglyphic drawings titled "FUJIN RAIJIN" (Wind and Thunder), KOSHU is tinting the paper with powerful brushstrokes and he is telling us how his emphasis on calligraphy started and how his work as an creative director in a big advertising company goes well together with being a calligrapher.
The work with the brush is completed by using an IN, a personal signature stamp carved by KOSHU after an ancient chinese letter symbolising a tiger.
We watch the sweat driving print of the stamp while KOSHU tells us about the idea behind an signature stamp especially the one he is using.

Part 2

butterfly stroke

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This short also was videographed in Tokyo, Japan, in November 2010

Compact synopsis:

This 30 minutes documentary short shows KATSUNORI AOKI in interview with AYAKO ISHIDA.

Aoki is graphic designer and creative director at his company BUTTERFLY STROKE INC.

We see Aoki in his office, his exhibition and show rooms during a walk in his favorite living and working environments and finally at the barber shop.

At first Aoki guides us through a large exhibition of his latest works where he tells us how a "character" is developed in the character license business.
He reflect the importance of those typical Japanese model series of manga and TV series for his work and yes he is collecting them in all varieties and sizes to remind him how complex and multiple a design task may be and that there is always more than one way to come up with a solution.

Next to COPET®, a character developed for a Coca-Cola ad campaign we get to know about a character called KAMI-ROBO® (best translated by "paper robot") a series of little wrestler figurines made of wire and paper, invented by TOMOHIRO YASUI.
Aoki plans to develop these figurines as prototypes for real wrestlers doing live wrestling in Mexico and elsewhere.

This is told by Aoki-san while he is sitting on the barber's chair.

He explains his motives and pitfalls to become a designer and how Tokyo and specifically the quarters where he was raised and where he lives and works in have influenced his forthcoming as a designer and which role tradition and reflection of his own life have been playing to come up with these specific characters he is interested in and dealing with.

Reinhard Bock, June 2011

These two videos were premiered
on September 9, 2011 at
 » Z-Cinema Berlin-Mitte

"butterfly stroke" was programmed for


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