a l f a b e t  BeatMouvie v10
(Compositions 2009)

This piece of music was composed between March 2008 and February 2009 and finally compiled in late February 2009 for the  » painting installation of ANGELIK RIEMER at modulor house (former Bechstein House) at Moritzplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg.
The installation was implemented in cooperation with Lecoq Gallery on February 28, 2009.

Riemer's  a l p h a b e t  installation and boKens in room 1 at (old) modulor house

Inside the giant cube my composition for this installation * alfabetBeatMouvie v4* was looped:

Attention: It's a big MP3 file (>34MB) - don't play on a slow connection!

Riemer's painting installation was built with 26 pieces of egg tempera paintings conjoined to a 3D object of 2 x 2 m width and 3 m height. The setup included musical support of

a l f a b e t  BeatMouvie v4.

The composition is organized with CUBASE 4 and compiles two main compositions: THOUGHT OF YOU, a piano improvisation and BeatMouvie, a kind of experimental sample&voice quarry which delivered three pieces for films which were completed in 2008. Now, in a l f a b e t  BeatMouvie v4, part 1 and 3 describe approach and renunciation - that is, coming closer to see Riemer's installation and leaving it, reviewing it before the inner eye.
The middle part walks through the individual paintings, examining surface and/or meaning of colors mingling with the absorptive ground, exposing tender or likewise rough structures.

Christian Schneegass* who visited the vernissage, imaginated 'stellar birth' - that's VERY fine with me:

"(...) Are there visual fixations of dreamlike elusive looks inside or retinal image echos of a sun-glare of macro-micro-cosmic 'moments' experienced on the edge between perception and imagination? Are there astral nebula, as those accompanying the birth of a young planet, on the border between growth and decay, or enigmatic lasting processes of change in an either-or reformulation of energy to matter to energy ...? Readings, associatively falling apart or interleaving, fragile relationship qualities without end - even al prima as pure pictorial quality remain sensual present in the low 'influenced' gesture of only a few, but interacting nuanced colors.(...)"

Christian Schneegass*: Angelik Riemer - Three White Blue, Berlin 2008
(translation RBock)

* Christian Schneegass is directing curator of
experimentalstudio of
Academy of Fine Arts Berlin


You can hear *4TRACKS4ANGELIK*,
the sound installation in room 2, too.

CLICK on EAR to play *4Tracks4Angelik*

  Four Tracks For Angelik


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