Portray Reinhard Bock
Reinhard Bock aka boKens aka Ken Bos (photo: RoBo., 2020)

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Reinhard with Michael Z. playing skiffle Reinhard playing and singing on the ferry to Dover boKens 1964 at Buschkrugcasino
Reinhard 1974 behind Klaus Krüger's drumset in fabrikneu Reinhard starting to be a grammar school teacher Reinhard's SX70 selfie shadow on wedding afternoon Reinhard in a colorful Skoda pullover with son Christian Reinhard in a colorful Skoda pullover with son Christian boKens 1979 with 1978er FENDER Telecaster (photo: A.Riemer)
boKens 1985 composing with MSX II (photo A.Riemer) boKens 1990 mit YAMAHA G10 (photo: A.Riemer) boKens 1997 using ROLAND VS-880  (photo A.Riemer)
boKens 2007 in Tokyo apartment o-furo boKens 2007 shooting with first digital video cam boKens 2008 video cutting at Studio Leipzi boKens 2009 with HOPF Allround semiacustic guitar boKens 2009 at  FUMIO TACHIBANA's studio) boKens 2009 next to his nstallation *SMOKN CHIMNZ* at Freies Museum Berlin
boKens 2010 shooting Tokyo Radio Tower boKens 2014 shooting iwith SX7ß n Tokyo  (photo T.Takahashi)
boKens 2016 shooting in Barcelona boKens 2016 selfie with iPhone7 in elevat boKens getting married to HENRIETTE ROTHER boKens 2018 waiting at Fujisan for a clear view
Stages of my life - CLICK on pics to see more!

Born in January 1945 in Meissen/Sachsen, Germany (my pregnant mum was evacuated to Meissen due to heavy bombing of Berlin and the progress of the war front towards Berlin in winter 1944/1945).
I returned to Berlin in 1953, grew up in Berlin and lived here since then.

In early 1962 I got my first guitar, a blonde archtop FRAMUS Hobby model 5/50, and my school mate Michael Zeitner and I formed a skiffle group. In summer I went to  » England for an English language holiday camp. Back in Berlin we jammed as often as possible in our  » skiffle group.
I finished grammar school in 1964.

•  1963/1964 - 1966 Singer and rhythm guitarist with Berlin based beat band  » THE TORIES

•  1964 - 1970 Study of classics, history, politics and geography at Free University Berlin

•  1971 Finishing studies with First State Exam.

•  1972 - 1975 coop life in  » fabrikneu with ANGELIK RIEMER, CLAUDIA SKODA, JENNY CAPITAIN, JÜRGEN SKODA and KLAUS KRÜGER in Berlin-Kreuzberg doing a whole lot of super8 filming in the  » streets of Kreuzberg or  » the backyard of fabrikneu or a fashion show using the Kippenberger catwalk in the  » media hall. .

•  1974 Celebrating the  » marriage to ANGELIK RIEMER

•  1975 Birth of son  » CHRISTIAN EMIL AUGUST.

•  1974 - 2007 Working as grammar school teacher, organizing student internet exchanges between Los Angeles (USA) and Tokyo (Japan) from 1994-2007 including multinational multimedia web competitions (and doing a lot of film, photo and writing work as an artist - if time left ).

•  2014 Angelik passed away.

•  2017 Marriage with HENRIETTE ROTHER.

My art work is a river - fed by multiple wells.
This river can partly be streamed to you through this website in the following sections:

•  1970 - 1982 super8 short  » films
•  1972 - 1984 and from 2014 until today  » Polaroid SX70 photography

•  since 1978  » songs and compositions (boKens), series of novels, short stories, non-fiction and  » photo books (Reinhard Bock and Ken Bos)

•  since 1981 analogue  » video films and clips

•  since 1996 digital picture work (Reinhard Bock, rbockberlin).

Since 2007 I can explore whatever I want to in the artistic fields.

Reinhard Bock aka boKens lives and works as free lance new media artist in Berlin.


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