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(EP selection 2013)

complete MP3-EP @REVERBNATION cover work2013

Just as an appetizer
I put my fav quartet from
on a 4-track EP

which I delivered as a "schmankerl"
with my 2014 photo book
and gave away some extra copies to friends
in Japan

All tracks were made using
Sequel 3 samples

CLICK on ear 1 and
the streamed music right now

CLICK to play *foggy drive* *slowmonow*CLICK to play *slept alone* *waterwater*

foggy drive

2  slowmonow

3  slept alone
4  waterwater/Water

Samples of *slept alone*
can be listened to at
iTunes, Amazon, Spotify e.a.

Listen to the complete MP3-EP @REVERBNATION

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