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I still used Sony's marvel,
the SONY F88, but since then
I had to buy a new one.
And as you can guess, I looked
for a swivel model - and found the
Malheureusement, this model is
almost unusable in the summer
because of the display which is
not readable under plein sunlight.
This aside, the S4 model is a neat,
wearable digi-cam, it delivers sharp,
saturated epics, and, it helps me
to take serial photographies
and some nice programmed shots. 

Mondnacht über dem Bundesrag - SONY F88
Mähdrescher - NIKON S4
Fassade in der FRiedrichstraße - NIKON S4
Balkon-Lavendel - NIKON S4
Abend auf Drejoe - NIKON S4

self portrait rbockberlin
(c) All e.Pics Copyright 2006 R.Bock, Berlin, Germany

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