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Reinhard Bock

Fo(u)r Screens #9

4x15" HAMA DigiFrame, stacked
4 tracks chip.HD.Video
compiled to 4 MOV-tracks à 2 minutes
in 1280x720px
(4x1024x768px displayed)
4 x original atmo

Cellar Gallery Kraków
May 14, 2010

as part of
"the whole place is dark and we see"
Group Exhibition
curated by Marcin Kowalik

TSUKIMI at Cellar Gallery, Kraków, Poland, 2010 - photo by Angelik Riemer

(1) "TSUKIMI" close up    

RIEMER / BOCK installations at Cellar Gallery Krakow 2010 - photo: R.Bock

(2) Angelik Riemer's "RED STARS" and "TSUKIMI" viewed from inside the room

Angelik Riemer's RED STARS and Reinhard Bock's TSUKIMI - photo: A. Riemer

(3) Angelik Riemer's "RED STARS" and "TSUKIMI" viewed from outside the room

photos: Angelik Riemer (1,3) / Reinhard Bock (2)   

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