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Reinhard Bock
Four 7" SOMIKON screens
 each with an individual video track

Installation of 
Fo(u)r Screens #7
at Freies Museum Berlin
December 20, 2009

as part of
"Christmas Palm"
Group Exhibition
curated by Marcin Kowalik

Reinhard Bock - SMOKN CHIMNZ at Freies Museum Berlin, 2009 - Photo: W. Mueller

SMOKN CHIMNZ with Reinhard Bock a.k.a. boKens

Total view of installations of ANGELIK RIEMER and RBock with Marianne Simon-Wagner of Freies Museum Berlin

Total view of installation "Twelve For Christmas Palm"
by ANGELIK RIEMER (left and center)
and "Smokn Chimnz" (rear wall)

with Marianne Wagner-Simon
(director of Freies Museum Berlin)

Photos: Wilfried Müller

below: watch "Smokn Chimnz" @YouTube

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