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In 1976 Angelik and I went to Paris. On the Way to, in Cologne, I bought the Beaulieu 5009S. On this pic you see me taking a close view of Christian. (Photo: A.Riemer)
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In 2009 I showed *SMOKN CHIMNZ* (Fo(u)screens #7) in the group exhibition *CHRISMAS PALM* at FREIES MUSEUM BERLIN and some more locations in Berlin, this one is at FMB. (Photo: W.Müller)
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2010 saw me shooting  »*TOKYO TOWER* in Tokyo. This was a really adventure to find new glimpses on this beautiful steel monster - on this photo I looked at it from the Akasaka side. (Photo: A.Riemer)
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In 2014 I met Toru in Kanda and we had a wonderful afternoon - chatting, eating, drinking and ... taking some nice shots of the area. He cought me fiddling with my SX70. (Photo: T.Takahashi)
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Barcelona was already on Henriette's and mine travel list for some time. In 2016 I prepared 2 GoPros in a special body for 3D filming and off we were. (Photo: RoBo)
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In 2018 Henriette and I did a 3-piece video film on Japan together. At the end of a fascinating travel we went in the very near of FUJISAN . I took a seat and just watched the giant vulcano. (Photo: RoBo)


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