boKens in autumn 2020
Reinhard Bock aka boKens aka Ken Bos (photo: RoBo)

boKens mit Beaulieu 1976 in Paris (photo ARiemer) boKens next to his installation at Freies Museum Berlin 2009 (photo H.Müller) boKens shooting in Tokyo 2010 (photo A.Riemer) boKens shooting iwith SX7ß n Tokyo 2014 (photo T.Takahashi) boKens shooting in Barcelona 2016 (photo Robo) boKens waiting at Fujisan 2019 (photo Robo)

Born in 1945 in Meissen/Sachsen, Germany (my pregnant mum was evacuated to Meissen due to heavy bombing of Berlin and the progress of the war front towards Berlin in winter 1944/1945).
I returned to Berlin in 1953, grew up in Berlin and live here since then.

1964 - 1966 Singer and rhythm guitarist with Berlin based beat band (see end of page)

1964 - 1971 Study of classics, history and geography at Free University Berlin

1974 - 2007 Working as grammar school teacher (doing a lot of film, photo and writing work if time left)

My art work is a river fed by multiple wells.
This river can partly be streamed to you through this website:

1970 - 1982 super8 short films
1972 - 1984 and from 2014 until today POLAROID photography

since 1978 songs and compositions (boKens), series of novels, short stories, non-fiction and photo books (Reinhard Bock and Ken Bos)

since 1981 video films and clips

since 1996 digital photo- and videography (Reinhard Bock, rbockberlin)

Reinhard Bock aka boKens lives and works as free lance new media artist in Berlin.


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